Monday, September 3, 2012

on the present and the past

you know when something you read
just makes you stop and reflect a little deeper?
i liked this quote from my folklore reading tonight.

"When customs and life have changed, then one should not be surprised to see earlier singing changed [to fit] the present, for songs depict the times in which they originate. Nothing is quite so laughable as a person who does not value the present [and] looks askance at everything that does not fit the patterns of former times. Every age has its own character, life, and essence, nor can the former time be brought back, no matter how we drag it by the coattails. . . . I say this because of those people who sorrow over the falling of an old tree and do not understand that from a sprout a new tree can rise up if it is not trampled underfoot."
- Elias Lönnrot in Kanteletar

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