Sunday, September 16, 2012

i don't like doing homework at 2 am. what i really want to think about is

how Phil and I bought cheap round trip tickets to
for next spring after I fiiiiiinally graduate!

plus, by that time, I will be done with Swedish 102 and ready to swedify it up in the land of IKEA and meatballs. seriously, French will always be my love, but Swedish is kind of incredibly wonderful and
but, I've only had three weeks of it so far,
so we'll see how I feel come finals.

the plan: staying in Sweden and then renting a car and driving down through Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium so we can, of course, visit some dear friends and iconic sites in beloved France. then we'll drive the getup back up to Sweden (40 hours round trip = road trip of  a lifetime).

this is holy-heavens-dreams-come-true excited!
plus, anything this cool sounds so much better than working on this paper... 

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