Friday, September 28, 2012

"but one day"

as of late (as you may have noticed here and here), i have developed a crush on the swedish language. then again, this comes at no surprise since 1) i am not taking a french class this semester (maybe why i lack so much motivation?), 2) swedish is every day, and, 3) seriously, we are learning TONS of words/grammar functions/verbs/pronouns/etc. if words had weight according to their newness to your mouth and mind, then i would be way over my recommended BMI. if words were grain, I have been feed as much as a goose whose liver is destined to become foie gras (awful image there).  and yet, it has been wonderful.

along with new words and funny vowels (like åöä) in this language comes the 
culture and the music. the church hymnbook in swedish has a song that isn't in any other non-scandinavian hymnbook. it's called "blott en dag" and it's the swedish equivalent of "souviens-toi" that hasn't yet lost its charm ("souviens-toi" lost all appeal after it was slayed by continuous repetition in the MTC). "blott en dag" is so lovely and I may or may not have listened to it on repeat for an hour today (and sung along to it quietly in the office)...

so, here's your chance to do the same. plus, sissel's early years as a singer are just are magical as her present.  i think this song, as cheesy as it may seem, is like my swedish "champs elysées," the song that first inspired me to learn french.

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