Monday, August 27, 2012

today is the day that school started

but, please, my head is still in summer mode.

I surprised Phil by picking him up from the lab last Wednesday with the car entirely packed with camping gear to go on a little overnight trip in the American Fork canyon. We had wanted to go on one more camping trip this summer, and Phil thought that we wouldn't be able to. False. He was so surprised, and we had a blast: we made a fire, cooked tinfoil dinners, and roasted bananas with candy bars inside of them. It rained most of the night so we stayed in our tent and watched some episodes of a favorite show on his computer. We really roughed it. 

we played tennis a lot this summer. we aren't very beautiful after a few sets (unless red and sweaty = beauty), but we are getting so much better together. phil even won one game in a set! 

And we went to the reception of this Scandinavian couple whom we love! Jacky (from Sweden - who is my current Swedish teacher!) and Dane (a Danish teacher) also met in the student instructor's office and began dating before Phil and I. What a funny place this office is...
We are so happy for them!

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