Thursday, August 16, 2012

summertime memories

school is edging upon us. in a week and a half it'll be in full swing. but, in fact, it seems to have already begun since i am sitting in the student instructors' office right now finishing the french 102 syllabus. fun, fun, fun. i thought i'd take a pit stop and write down a few summer memories.

here they go. here's to the best first summer together:
  • ummm. GETTING MARRIED! it was pretty nice. seriously though, it's still a little strange to think that we are, you know, married! but, we love it. a lot. one perk of this union is that we get to:
  • stay up all night! am I a 5th grader again? i love late nights (but not early mornings. problem.). people have asked us if we have "gotten into the marriage habit" of going to bed at 10pm. no sir. phil and I thoroughly enjoy the not-having-to-go-home part of the night especially when before the evil curfew alarm would burn our ears with it's ugly beeping. it's like a sleepover with your bf every night. 

  •  eating more healthy and exercising? well, you'd think I would have done more of both of these before, but somehow knowing that you are partly responsible for someone else's health makes you, in turn, more healthy. well, that's the theory. it also seems to make you eat about the same portion as that person (and I really shouldn't eat as much as a boy), but that's another story. anyway, we started training for a half marathon, but that ended nearly as soon as it began. i just have no endurance for running. so, we play tennis. so much so that we'll need to find a new sport; phil is getting too good...
  • as for eating, phil and I got this blender called the NINJA! for a wedding present from my brother & sister-in-law, and although we love our other do-da's, we reaaaaaally love the NINJA! I can't even write it without putting it in caps with an exclamation point; it is just that good. I mean, holy spinach-mango-strawberry-pineapple-eat-you-every-night good. and, since we are on the subject of food, let's talk about cooking. I cook, people! this summer we used the crockpot for the first time, made meatballs, pizzas, sweet breads and regular breads. phil made this great spaghetti sauce a few times, and we have been using the excellent spices that people have bestowed upon us. all in all, it may still be on the simple end of cooking, but it's a definite improvement from my staple meal last year of macaroni noodles, ragu sauce and peas. yum...

  •  trips. We've been a bit "partout" this summer, and it's been an adventure: the West Coast, San Francisco, Zion National Park, Snowbird, Phil's parents' house, the grocery store across the street, Bed, Bath & Beyond, the movie theater... I should stop. 

  •  the OLYMPICS! again, caps and exclamation point necessary. they were inspiring and epic and... tear-jerking?? yes. but somehow I also found myself thinking (irrationally, of course), "I could do that!" I mean, speed-walking? I've got hips that can fly. and, the uneven bars can't be that difficult, right? phil may or may not have walked into the living room one morning to find me practicing the end-of-presentation-hands-in-the-air gymnastics moment. you know, like when a gymnast finishes a routine and nearly dislocates her back (in order to stick her chest out) and then throws her hands in a V-shape in the air. it was a little embarrassing...

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