Thursday, August 9, 2012

our first guest

The other night was a semi-big moment for our little house: our first guest came to dinner. 
His name is Crystel ("not crystal," he noted) and he is from Cameroon. He is studying electrical engineering at a Texas university, came to BYU for the summer on a physics grant, and works with Phil in an underground physics lab (sounds secretive, huh?).

Best thing that we found out about Crystel during dinner (besides that he speaks about 5 tribal languages besides his native French and his excellent English)? Crystel is getting married in December to a girl who has waited for him in Cameroon for 4 years!! Try waiting for your missionary, TWICE. And, his finacee's name? Crystelle. Same pronunciation.
Crystel and Crystelle. I wonder what they'll name their children?

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