Friday, August 31, 2012

black sheep cafe

is the best new restaurant in this little utah town.
it's native american southwestern fusion food and it is
marvelous! the ambiance was stylish and hip, 
and i felt that our cool points mounted just being in there.

we went there last night to celebrate our two month wedding anniversary. it's fun to celebrate even the smallest milestones. plus, we are so pleased that we are close to beating that kardashian girl on her seventy-two day marriage. 

the catus pear drink was as good as it was pink. 

his: chiminchanga (or, however that is spelled)
me: the goat cheese burger (with portebello mushrooms, roasted red pepper, arugula, and the cheese is mixed in the meat). it was, quite honestly, the best burger I have ever eaten. and, I'm an American.
oh, and it came with sweet potato fries. how could that not be a great meal?

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