Sunday, July 15, 2012

we're hitched

So, here we are now. Every now and then, Phil and I turn to each other and say "We're married!" and then laugh in a fake maniacal fashion as though we have duped the other. I just feel pretty lucky to be married to the boy that I once dubbed as "Swedish boy."

We've been sealed, the honeymoon has come and gone, and "real life" (whatever that means) is back in full swing. Of course, the honeymoon feeling isn't gone yet as Phil and I fix up our apartment covered in books, presents, boxes, and  a LOT of styrofoam (everything is packaged in it!). It's just the we-get-to-spend-every-minute-of-the-day-with-each-other-oozing-love-and-adoration-in-a-vacation-spot-and-not-have-to-worry-about-work-or-school-or-anything part of the honeymoon that went with returning home last Saturday right before our Provo open house/reception.

Let's backtrack a little:
Phil and I were married in the LA Temple on June 30th. The day went so well, with only the minor bumps that always seem to wiggle themselves into a "perfectly" planned event. Those only made the day more "real" and definitely more memorable, that's for sure. My friend, Mindy wrote more about the day here on her blog. Anyway, I had come home the two weeks before and we worked like slaving scamps in order to get the house ready, inside and out, for the reception the night of the wedding. Let's just say that the wheelbarrow hasn't seen that much action in years as we hauled gravel, rock, woodchips, flowers, soil and other goodies all over the yard. In the end, everything looked great, and what really mattered is that Phil and I were married and sealed for time and all eternity, meaning forever! We are so happy!

The honeymoon was also a whirlwind of fun and we just enjoyed every part of it, sleeping in until 10/11am and waking up next to each other (instead of having to get home for curfew - thanks BYU), the funny incidents with crazies on the BART in San Francisco, running into a French couple that ended up extending us free stay and meals at there home in Paris when we return to France next year, having people upgrade our hotel rooms, pay for our meals unexpectedly, and then driving 13 hours back to Provo through Nowheresville, Nevada stopping at diners and almost running out of gas. All I know is that I have never seen a car go 45 miles on the gas light until this experience. We prayed quite a bit during that stretch of desert!

Now we are in our new apartment/duplex. I have never seen such disorganization and our rooms are still full of boxes, but we are slowly getting furniture up and things put away. When we arrived we had pans, a crock pot, knives, and expensive gadgets, but we didn't even have toilet paper or trash cans. It was a funny juxtaposition, but it's been an adventure going out shopping together and spending lots of the greenbacks on things to make this house a home. In the end, just being with Phil, no matter where we are or what we have will be my home. 

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  1. Aw I'm so happy for you - putting together our new apartment was one of my favorite things! I'm so sad i wasn't able to come to the wedding in either city though :( how exciting that you'll be going to France together! Grosses bises