Saturday, March 10, 2012


Iit's marriage season, and philip and I are just one of the zillion couples about to take advantage of the spring/summer break from school to get hitched. tonight we roamed the aisle of target to register for all sorts of goodies that people may choose to purchase for us as wedding gifts. however, I'm keeping my hopes in check especially when I think of how I have always been the cheapskate friend that often purchases the most inexpensive items on a registry list. you like those measuring spoons and the spatula? yeah, those we're from me. you're welcome. I think karma will forbid anyone from purchasing that special vacuum with the cool air filter, and we'll end up with Yahtzee and the toilet bowl brush. That's okay, guys. I understand.

anyway, whilst walking around Target I realized, as we bumped into others perusing the rows with laser tagging guns, that we were not the only ones who had sacrificed friday night plans (or just made a visit to Target "the plan") to place our material hopes and dreams in the hands of friends and family. in fact, there must have been at least 10 other couples wandering around, negotiating with soon-to-be-spouses about why the blue striped clear shower curtain was definitely a better choice than the blue and tan one. I heard a girl actually complain about the color of the soap dish her fiance liked. I thought, "hmm, you'll need to start picking and choosing your battles now, my friend."

after two hours, the lethargy began to set in (especially in poor phil) as enthusiasm and any sort of modest restraint ("do you think we really need that?" or "does that seem practical?") gave way to, "quesadilla/cupcake/donut maker?? yeah, just tag it. let's get outta here."

and, by the way, bless you if you happen to get us the very first item registered to our account: a two pack of Nerf guns. let the marriage bliss begin.

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