Friday, February 17, 2012

our story //

I'm engaged to the wonderful philip. 
I mean, how could you not fall in love with a face like this? 

phil and I met in the student instructors' (SI) office at BYU. he teaches swedish, and I teach french. he is from the exotic land of provo, and I'm from southern california. he is studying physics (with a math minor), and I am studying english and french. we met for the first time in a SI meeting before the beginning of the semester--the french and scandinavian instructors had training together. I found out that phil served a mission in sweden. I told him that my dad had also served there and that the extent of his current swedish was the "itsy bisty spider." needless to say, it was a really impressive first encounter.

phil and I didn't go out on our first date until mid-october. before that our friendship grew through our comings and goings in the SI office where about 15 student teachers (italian, french and scandinavian) have desks and computers to use to prepare their lessons and meet with students. phil was in the corner with all the other scandinavian language teachers. The first thing that I noticed about him was his kindness and his eagerness to laugh and be happy. I wanted to know who the "swedish boy" was cracking all the jokes in the corner. over a few weeks I gathered up a few phrases in swedish (thanks to some help from google translate) and would practice them when he would come in. I'm sure, once again, that he was really impressed, but that would lead to some good conversations and our friendship grew.

the first date we went on was to see a swedish film in the international cinema one friday night on campus. the movie was called "smultronstället" (wild strawberries), and it was so strange! we ended up laughing most of the way through it.

from there on out we went on more dates (african food party, halloween movie night, music concerts, etc) and began officially dating in early november. phil came to california with me along with another friend for thanksgiving, which turned out to be an good opportunity for him to meet my family. everything went so well in that aspect. like I said at the beginning, who can resist that charming face?

on our return we made the dash to the end of the semester and survived our finals. despite the busyness of that time of the year, we able to do fun things. it seemed that every day we would do something small but meaningful. on my last night in utah before going home for christmas, we went up to salt lake, played dress up at H&M, ate gyros, went to see the lights at temple square and exchanged presents. it was a perfect night.

after the break, my sisters and I came back to utah, and we had a joyous new year together along with phil and his family. we prepared for the beginning of the new semester by watching a lot of movies and generally doing nothing. the new semester has brought new schedules to both phil and I. we both teach different classes this semester (french 102 for me and swedish 311 for him), which means that we have a lot to do job-wise as well as in our own coursework. but, that hasn't kept us apart; somehow we manage to see each other every day, play tennis, go on dates and still keep up with our classes and homework. I call it miraculous that we have both been able to find such a good balance with everything that is going on. 

phil asked me to marry him on february 13th. I felt that it was coming. we had been talking about marriage for a little while and we both felt that that was the goal of our relationship; it felt right. now we can plan things together instead of me having to tell him that I am doing "homework" on saturday mornings when I am out choosing wedding colors by swiping paint samples at the home depot. all in all, I know that philip is the man that I love more than anyone I have ever loved and the man I want to be with. I am at a point in my life where I feel prepared to be committed in marriage, and I am thrilled that he has chosen me and that we'll to able to spend forever together. 
as he would say,
"this is, like, serious!"

So, june 30th is the date and california is the place with a reception the next week in utah. we hope that you will be able to come and celebrate with us!