Wednesday, June 8, 2011

taboulé and canned peas

i'm living off this strangely delicious mix.
and dark chocolate too.

I promise that once I have some time I will tell you all about
the most incredible weekend of my life that I just had.

but really, I won't have time until christmas break to breathe or write anything non-graded.
and, if I can't do justice to our 4 day beach/dunes/sunshine dream,
then I really don't think I should write about it at all. I'll put up some photos
and you can let your imaginations fill in the rest.

here's the round up for the rest of my stay in lovely lille:
- race to the musuem in roubaix on friday at lunch so
I can write my 15 page internship paper on the poems that are
printed on the walls there. students get free admission on fridays. score.

- bruge, belgium on friday night with stephanie lecocq and celine.

- brussels on saturday

- madrid on saturday night to tuesday morning

- tuesday evening dinner at the wonderful angélique's

-wednesday: we are hosting american movie night for the students
we did English lessons with. we are eating pb&j's
(now to go hunt down some peanut butter in this land of nutella)
and ice cream sundae's. american's sure love their sugar.

- thursday: my last night to be spent with my favorite group of people at institute!

-friday: back to london then to new york and then to provo.

school starts the monday after and I will rub my eyes awake from this spring dream
and hop into my british lit, poetry and french civilization courses.

ça se passe trop vite.

here we are keeping up with wednesday traditions.
we love traditions when it means millefeuilles or a salée framboise

and, btw, cyclopes are limber fellows.

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