Friday, June 10, 2011

la famille van peteghem

I love this family.

We were supposed to go to Belgium tonight with Stephanie, but the weather was lousy and Stephanie was not feeling well so we canceled. I was relieved actually, thinking that I would be able to spend some time on my poetry paper. However, somehow Didier caught wind of this news and immediately came to our office and invited us to go see "Midnight in Paris" with him, Marie and Agathe. How could we say no to another outing with our favorite people?

"Midnight in Paris" was, well, an American film that portrayed what is believed to be a typically American view of Paris, France. I think it was meant to be like that in an ironic way, and the cinematography captured well the sights of the city. I loved the allusions to all of the modernist writers (thanks to all the background knowledge that American lit. class from last semester provided me), but my favorite part of the evening was just being with the Van Peteghem's. They have been so good to us, in every way, during our stay here in Lille. They are humble, intelligent, down-to-earth, practical, giving, engaged, gracious, concerned with others and they have such a firm grasp on what is good and right. I value their company and friendship more than I can express, and they are definitely one of the principal reasons in why leaving next week is going to be very,

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