Tuesday, May 10, 2011

les filles

It’s true. I'm caught up; It is Tuesday, and I am writing this on Tuesday.

Emily and I did another session of YouTube exercising this morning. This consists of typing in commonly trained body parts + “exercises” or just “yoga” into the YT search engine and doing the first videos that come up. So far it has been quite a success. We did this as it poured “ropes and ropes” of rain outside. The French don’t have the ‘cats and dogs” expression. They say ropes. And, supposedly there are lots of "ropy" days here in the north.

At work we were told that we are invited on the day-trip that all the faculty is taking up north on Thursday in order to attend a planning conference for the university. All I know is that no one could stop talking about the food that we'll be eating there. Bénédicte said that since she is retiring soon she won’t really have to listen to the conference but can focus on the gastronomic experience.

By the way, can I just say that I love it when people at work call us “les filles,”or my favorite when Amélie comes in and exclaims, “Ah, les filles américaines!”

We went to a orchestra concert in the chapel connected to the building we work in. The choir and the orchestra were absolutely majestic in their performance. And, the director put on a show with all his dancing/directing.

This "sower" was in the chapel. He looked just a little too concerned with his skirt than with the scattering of his seeds...
this was taken right before an old french women behind us 
taped me on my shoulder, shook her head disapprovingly 
and chided my use of a camera. oops!

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