Thursday, May 19, 2011


tonight was the first time I have ever googled the names "laurel and hardy."
growing up I occasionally heard that my name was that of one man who the second half in a comical duo (with Hardy, of course) in the early 1900's. references were vague though and I could usually get away without really knowing who this name-stealing character was by finishing people's sentences:

"Oh, laurel? like laurel..."
"yes, just like laurel and hardy."
(end of dialogue and friendship)

I'm not sure how knowledge of this troupe transferred across the atlantic, but I joke not when I say that about half the people I meet (correction: half the people over the age of 40 that I meet) ask if I have heard of laurel and hardy. they then proceed to tell me that I have a man's name. then somehow, after having made this connection (of which they are usually quite pleased), they still end up calling me lauren.

(I'm the one on the left. can't you tell by the resemblance?)

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