Sunday, May 22, 2011

weekend at the pool

we went to "la piscine de roubaix" on saturday,
an old community pool ingeniously turned art museum.

not only is the museum's permanent art collection so well chosen and placed throughout the rooms, but the building itself is a work of art. the outside is constructed of the building material that is popular, particular and unique to the north of France: red brick. though, the plainness and heaviness of the outside is deceiving, for the inside is surprisingly light and cheery. the interior maintains the original eye-pleasing green and white tiling underfoot and on the walls along with the intricate detailing of the facades and the marble decorations. the showers have been turned into display cases full of ceramic art and the upstairs balcony contains displays of hundreds of samples of textiles that were created when this town was in its more industrial, factory days.

alexander dumas hangs out at the pool too. didn't you know?

welcome to ze pool of your dreams

of course, we dove in. but, unfortunately,
we didn't sport such good looking swim wear like the men.

before we went to the museum,
we wandered down the road
and spied the town hall and this
fancy church

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