Saturday, May 7, 2011

8 May 2011 - How do I love thee, Mother? Let me count the ways.

dear mom,

it's mother day and I wanted to thank you for
everything you have done for me.
you are beautiful.
you are kind
and handworking.
you are attentive.
you have taught your children
that the path of true happiness is found
only by sincerely living the principles
of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
You have been a missionary for us,
teaching us right from wrong,
directing us always toward truth.
I am thankful for your living example
of how to love,
how to sacrifice,
and simply
how to be a mother.

thanks for:

marrying this man in a place
that promises our family eternal happiness

putting up with this face
and loving her
for the last twenty-three years.

letting us love you

letting us express ourselves
and be who we are
(even though we tended to be a little wild at times).

shaping our talents and
giving us opportunities.

allowing us to make our own
decisions and choices
(even if some of them ended up
in bad haircuts).

making sure we were always
warm and protected.

taking care that we prepare (hair and all) for the Sabbath
and give our best and be our best
for Heavenly Father.

teaching us that sometimes we have to
do hard things
(like waking up early)

sacrificing your time for our happiness
(this queen costume was my favorite
that you ever made for me.)

teaching us out of the very best of books
and cultivating in us a love for knowledge.

instituting lasting family traditions
which helped us love one another

teaching us how to love
small and simple things.

oh mom,
I love you.
happy mother's day!


  1. So beautifully said, Laurel! Brought tears to my eyes. I enjoyed seeing those pictures too. I remember you as this little girl with an extaoridnary Mommie. How blessed you are to have been born into this family!! You see, I have worked many nights with your Mom, shared much, and loved every minute of her presence. She is an amazing woman. A pillar in character and spirit for all women to behold. I join you in celebrating Mother's Day in honor of your Mom.