Thursday, May 26, 2011

cobblestones and ch'tis sauce

wednesday night is our new eat-out night since, really, we need to taste france while we are here, right? though not exclusively french, we went to this frites (good, golden fries) place near the train station that has a whole line-up of fry sauces. we wanted to try them all, and we did: american sauce, samurai sauce, andoulaise sauce, hannibal sauce, pita blanche sauce (which was just glorified ranch), and ch'tis sauce. ch'tis is the french dialect that comes from the north of france, and while it a part of this region's culture and pride it sounds like someone speaking french while gargling mouthwash.
nonetheless, the namesake sauce was so good.

we had to have a dessert afterwards, and we happened upon the most eye-alluring patisserie in the city. it had pecan tartes and strawberry crumbles and all sorts of pains aux chocolat and merveilles and meringues and macrons dotting every glance. emily choose a chocolate merveille, I chose a speculoos covered merveille, and we shared a fig macron just for good measure. the speculoo's delight I had was composed of two meringues placed together and covered in a sweet cream and rolled generously in an area specialty: speculoos. speculoos is a mix between gingerbread and graham crackers and is DIVINE. we took our wrapped up pastries (before consumption) and wandered the cobblestone streets until we came across an old catholic church on a side road, sat down on its steps and enjoyed our sweets in european bliss.

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