Tuesday, May 31, 2011


we ran a 5k today!

"you can doooooo it! yes!" says the girl directing runners on the
race course upon finding out that we are american.

this morning we noticed a flyer in our university e-mail account inbox promoting a 5k and 10k race to be held later this afternoon. it was a race promoting the "worldwide day of no tobacco" (journée mondiale sans tabac) in the park nearby (the Citadelle - hello, this park is gorgeous!). I've never ran (nor really had the desire to run) in any sort of organized race before, but emily, seeing that it only cost participants 1 euro and that we've been running a little in the mornings, asked if we should do it.

why not?

so, after our last english lesson at work we quickly changed our clothes, walked over to the citadelle, and signed up for the 5k with our 1 euro coins in hand. within 15 minutes the gun was shot and off we went. sure, I know that it was only a small 5k race and not an iron man or some grueling triathlon that entails obstacles with live wires or wading through mud pits (like this little beauty of a race), but it was my first real race (high school track excluded)
and, well,
it was in France.

and guess what that measly 1 euro bought us??
- 1 t-shirt
-a finish line apple, water bottle, and granola bar
- greater health
- 2 new running friends
- a new experience
- a chance to promote a tobacco-less world
- spontaneous living

afterwards, we decided that a good dose of falafel and french pastries were necessary for the replenishment of vital nutrients to our race worn bodies. good call.

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