Monday, April 4, 2011

wise personal investments

I wouldn't consider myself a very aware person when it comes to world affairs and the stock market (I chalk it up to the dismissal of Yahoo! as my homepage), but allow me to make an analogy in an area that I do know well:

Stocks in Mr. X are unfortunately still dwindling from market lows these past few weeks (and this investment appeared to have such long-term potential). However, the increased investment of stock placed in Mr. Y continues to rise at a rapid pace as my attention to the lack of accumulation in Mr. X decreases. Although X is currently free to trade with he seems hesitant to budge and Y is publicly traded on a daily basis and demands constant attention to achieve desired results. Neither seems to know that I'm invested. But, given that Mr. Y is the Harold B. Lee Library, I am confident that he will become aware of my interest in investing in him in these final weeks in the semester; I'll be expending large amounts of personal money for him (because "time is money," right?), and I hope that my sole investment in him (since my investments seems to be currently unprofitable elsewhere) will bring about lucrative rewards.

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