Tuesday, April 5, 2011

new caledonia

Remember that talk that President Monson gave at the Sunday morning session of Conference? He spoke about the sacrifices that a certain family, the Mou-Tham family, made to go to the temple for the first time many years ago. How grateful I am to have known that family while on my mission in dear New Caledonia.

Here is a recent photo of New Caledonian members who went to the New Zealand temple (the closest one to them, nearly 2000 miles away) on their annual temple trip. They met with Elder Anderson this year. To the left of Elder Anderson is President Gerad Mou-Tham (one of the sons of the Mou-Tham family referred to in President Monson's talk) and his wife.

How I love the members of New Caledonia!

(start this video below at 5:45 for the story)

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