Saturday, March 19, 2011



I went to the BYU Hunger Banquet tonight, which is an annual gathering that promotes awareness of global needs and awakens a responsibility to help. This event resonated with some recent personal stirrings to become and give more by, simply, loving/serving others more. I have picked up some selfish, self-centered ways over the past few months and I desire to "me les d├ębarrasser" by devoting my time and talents to altruistic service; I'm feeling a change of heart. I may not be in Africa among the poor but I can help the poor in spirit who are around me. I may not be in among marginalized minorities in impoverished countries, but I can promote healthy personal respect through my words of kindness to the people who surround me.

Attaining peace is done, as the title of the banquet states, in pieces - one person at a time, whether that person be rich, poor, in a far-off land or in my own apartment. And, really, that's what it's all about: bringing peace to the individual wherever we may be, and in whatever capacity we can. The key is just reaching a little further and allowing and praying for love to be our greatest motivation.

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