Saturday, March 19, 2011

free food and haikus

five times. free food was offered to me five times today:
1. Before the 11am colloquium of "L'Aventure Ambigue."
2. In the ARCLITE Lab; Doctor Bush feels compelled to bring treats to those who slave away on Friday afternoon.
3. In the HFAC. Breanne and I were inspired to walk through the music/arts building and noticed a table covered in goodies. So, we did the obligatory art gallery walk-through (in the gallery whose artist was offering the decadent victuals). The artist's exhibition was on scrabble. Riveting really. I think I appreciated the mint brownie more.
4. The stars aligned again steps away on the second floor of the HFAC; there was yet ANOTHER table set out for passer-byers who had deemed to glance upon the works of art displayed in the main hall. We had, so we partook.
5. Haiku party in the Chinese house (interesting given that haiku is a Japanese poetry form). There was another set of free fare with the added delight of creating and sharing poetry. Here are the half-witted ones I penned:

It's Friday, Friday
Moral dilemma pressing
Front seat or back seat?
(please refer to to understand)

Thomas, Tommy, Toms
Pace the roads where'er I go
Overrated shoes.

Crunchy, golden lumps
And berries on silver spoon
Me and Cap'n Crunch.

One, two, three, four, five.
Kindergarten rap.

I usually like you but
I'm umbrella-less.

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