Friday, December 24, 2010

words from the eve

I do not feel guilty for writing this post given that I am not wasting quality Christmas Eve family time to write this (everyone is asleep). Though, I must admit that halfway through the festivities today (which included, in the first half: brunch, doing ballet formations with little Maddie, big people conversation, and watching Disney movies) I gave up on sociability (which is not always my strong point)and found calm in the form of my bed and a good read (Villette, by Bronte). After this rejuvenation, it was back to more Cummins family festivities! We played our own tried-and-true, concocted version of Dictionary Dabble which we simply call "dictionary." Basically it is a game, beloved most by my logophile mother, where one person looks up a word in the dictionary that no one in the company claims to knows. Everyone then creates their own definition of the chosen word, and these definitions are all passed in to the word-finder who reads all them aloud along with the real definition mixed in. Each person then chooses which definition they believe to be the correct one. I am usuallly surprised at the level of intelligent, dictionary-worthy definitions invented, but you know everyone is getting tired of the game (as was the case after 2 hours of it tonight) when no more thought goes into the made-up definitions (like, "an African cookie," "a mythlogical animal," "a potato dish eaten in bowls" or Dad's defintion of the word "collop": "in Danish, the sound that horses hooves make when they run."). Words choosen in tonight's "dictionary" vocabulary-building fun: Mashhad, oribi, nutation, saltation, collop, and soca.

Merry Christmas from the nerds of the Cummins household.

Oh, and a big Merry Christmas to the kiddies across the street who decided to take it into their own hands and decorate our yard's trees last night with Charmin ultra soft.

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