Monday, November 29, 2010

au lit

I never get sick. Perhaps it isn't wise for me to begin a post using absolutes; I just want to emphasize the idea that I very rarely find myself in a state of illness. I mean, the last time I became stay-in-bed sick was over a year ago and the overtake of my immune system was a tyrantly greasy meal of roasted deer, cream and cheese gratin, and one too many forced servings of ice cream topped with canned fruit - I would not recommend eating that combination in one seating, by the way. But even that lasted only one painful day. Otherwise, I am as healthy as a horse (although I am not educated on the hardy immune systems of horses I would believe that we have that trite saying for a logical reason).

Until today. I have a nasty, nasty cold which has climaxed over these past few days into today's convalescence (I am typing this from the depths of my bed). Also, my condition was complicated after I decided to tackle my father and mother in their bed after family prayer and ended up twisting a "something" (notice my impressive medical terminology here) in my lower back. I suppose that's what I get for such irreverent behavior on the Sabbath. No big deal though. I don't need to bend over, sit down or make any nonsensical body movement like that.

I was thrilled for today's prospect last night. I even made a list of "goals" to accomplish. But, here I am in bed feeling, as I look out into the dying autumn world outside my window, that the 29th day of November will come and go in no special fashion. Though, being confined to a vertical position with a weight of blankets allows certain pleasures. First, I don't have to get dressed for the day. Second, I get to catch up on reading "Walden" and laugh at the coincidence of Thoreau's writing and my current state snuggled within what he pens as a "shelter within a shelter" that has "robbed the nests and breasts of birds to prepare." It also allows pondering and nap-taking. I dreamt today that I was back in New Caledonia - my older sister was my mission companion and we were trying to find the Berlingo while escaping a crazy man who was hunting us down (for reasons now forgotten). We came across other missionaries in a cave and were about to find the silly French vehicule when...I woke up, and I couldn't find my dream again when I tried to go back to sleep.

After reading this post you probably find yourself (as I do) more convinced of this apt musing of Thoreau's: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

Quietly and desperately yours,

Friday, November 26, 2010


we watched the movie "The Young Victoria" tonight, and it struck my 1800's England heartstrings. yes: I enjoyed every moment.

fun fact: did you know that Queen Victoria herself proposed to Prince Albert? I supposed a queen would have to take it by the horns like that; she might behead an unsavory suitor who dared pose the question otherwise.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

watching K-Pax and typing away my thanks

this is my first post since my return from the other side of the world. needless to say, I am a little out of practice in this writing medium, but I am willing to make an effort if you are willing to excuse my rusty composing skills.

today it is not only a day of giving thanks, but it happens to also be my birthday - the 23rd annual celebration of my arrival on earth. My brother reminded me that my birthday and Thanksgiving land on the same day only once every 7 years. It's something like that (minus the calculation of leap years), I suppose. All I know is that the most I could ask for on such a rarely occuring day is the possibility of consuming lemon meringue pie and sucrose-impregnated yams. Done and done.

my birthday last year was spent unassumingly and without expectations - well, only that of continuing to work hard. I remember waking up early, cleaning the apartment and making a giant omelette for my missionary companion and I. We worked all day, teaching and talking with people about the Gospel. We didn't even eat lunch. It was the best birthday. It wasn't about me. It wasn't about my wishes or my pies-in-the-sky. It was about others. If I am thankful for anything this year, I am thankful for what this past year has been and done for me. I am thankful for what I have been able to provide for the world (namely, those in New Caledonia) through my service rendered in a small, simple way aided along by Heavenly Father.

I give thanks today for those who are around me - for those whom I can serve and help. And, since I cannot completely deny the perks of American birthday tradition, I give thanks for that beautiful present from mes parents: a new, large set of scriptures in English. Yes, malheureusement, I will have to read them in English at one point.

hoping that yours is a happy day of thanksgiving.