Thursday, March 5, 2009

sugar pie

I have a confession for the world; watch the tragedy unfold:

For the past two weeks or so I have been on a sort of "sugar-fast," avoiding the consumption of blatantly sugared-up items, for personal reasons (mostly just to see if I could even muster such self-control). It was going swimmingly; I victoriously conquered all types of cake, brownies, cookies, candy, and powdered sugared anythings that came my way with unwavering determination. That is, UNTIL mom bought a fat bag of Sunkist fruit gems to decorate a birthday cake with. She used about five of the million circular delights in the bag to add birthday cake flair, and then she promptly left the rest of the bag open on the counter. This was the exposition to the tragedy. When I then woke up this morning and descended to the downstairs kitchen, I meet those candies' glimmery, gemmy, gummy, sugar-coated eyes and I knew I was done for (rising action), because Sunkist gems are pretty near the top of my favorite-candies-ever-list (tragic flaw). Tossing all determination and self-worth to the wind, I snatched the bag, plopped down on my bed, shut the blinds, and devoured every last marvelous gem in that bag (climax). My floor is now riddled with wrappers, and I am feeling wonderfully, yet terribly sick (denouement).

Oh, but they were so delectable! I may have won a few battles, but sucrose won this war.

Needless to say, my sugarless lifestyle no longer exists. Long live C12H22O11 in all its forms and all it's detrimental effects! For now, I still remain one thin and happy consumer.

P.S.1 I find it slightly funny that this whole situation fits quite nicely into Freytag's dramatic structure. Huzzah for literature classes actually serving an applicable purpose!

P.S.2 On another note, look where I'll be going in two days in order to prepare for my mission. I am so excited! Find out more here about this place. :]

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