Friday, March 20, 2009


i leave in a week and a half for Utah, and in less than two weeks (but more than a week and a half, or I wouldn't have written that) I enter the MTC, aka, the place where missionaries are whipped into Gospel teaching shape! Bashasm!

on a tangent, bashasm is the new word for the family - well, at least for my dad and me. we (dad and i, that is) enjoy saying random words at, well, random times. this word's foundation in our vocabulary began when Glen wrote an e-mail a few weeks ago and tried to emphasize the effect of something by saying "BASHAM!," but he instead wrote "BASHASM!" Dad and I thought this typing mistake hilarious (please refer to our personalities for our reasons of thinking this). Since then, we use it to emphasize anything and everything. For example, I was sitting on the church stand last week just before I gave my mission farewell talk at the pulpit. I was attempting to look very mature, but then Dad and I locked eyes for a moment and I mouthed "BASHASM" to him, and he sent the message back. Those around him looked slightly confused at our exchange and perhaps displeased at my mouthing anything across the pews of a pious congregation.

anyway, back to where this tangent started: mission! two weeks! i feel this very bizarre mix of terror and glorious excitement! i am not sure what to think of it all, but i know this will all turn out to be a very good experience, indeed. i just hate the thought of the idea of limited (like, twice a year sort of limited) live dialogue with my family. a year and a half may not be FOREVER, but it surely is enough time for people to change, grow-up, move on, move out, move away, graduate, experience great things, marry, have babies, and perhaps even forget.
oh, i don't want to forget or be forgotten, but all I have is a weekly e-mail to my family and snail mail.

but, my purpose as a missionary is to lose myself in the work of the Lord.
however, i haven't entered into this work quite yet, so indulge my vanities.

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