Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a recapitulation

yes, it is still snowing. ever snowing.

in fact, it seems as though all mingling hopes of seeing the sun anytime soon are being thoroughly dashed by this continual atmospheric effort! nonetheless, snow does make for some lovely photographic moments. ------------------------->

well, despite the february weather, this past week has been marvelous! a quick trip to Provo for a few days may have been full of monontonous grey skies, but the days spent there in the company of radiant friends and the university I love best brimmed my cup and restored my soul! The road trip back home with Kellyn and McLean was interesting, as well. McLean has never been this far south and had, consequently, never seen Las Vegas. It was enjoyable to experience his sheer excitement about a place that I have driven through countless times. We decided to eat at the In-n-Out (heavenly!) there and drive down the strip of Vegas instead of just speeding on through (which is what I always do) - now, I have never been the biggest fan of LV, but the strip at night was INCREDIBLE! Plus, I took a picture of the fake "Eiffel Tower" at the Paris hotel, and it may be just a sad replica but it still caused those inner butterflys to dance about. I can't imagine how glorious the real one is! Breathtaking, I am sure.
Fake, but still fabulous.

one piece in a very cool art exhibit at the MOA
by Dan Steinheilber.

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