Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a heart left in san francisco

I went to the glorious city of San Francisco last week to apply (in person) for a French visa at the consulate there. The consulate was nothing too exciting, but the city was AMAZING! I was there for only a few short hours but the artistic ambiance and eclectic vibes that the city imparted left me unforgettably thrilled. Every corner, every sloping, curved street has stories engrained in them, something happening on them, marvelous secrets waiting to be discovered. The hills were dotted with houses of every color imaginable: lime green, peach, rose, electric blue - but they were not eyesores, no, they added to the vibrant character that radiated into every glance I took in; the whole city was candy for my eyes!

And the streets there - you could get marvelously and utterly lost! I so desire to become lost in that city (just not at night...). Try becoming lost in grided out, cookie-cutter, unmysterious Provo.

Oh, San Francisco. I feel instictively that we will rendezvous again.

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