Tuesday, January 27, 2009

wisdom removed

I had my wisdom teeth removed today, but unfortunately this post only finds me mildly drugged on tylenol and advil and with a partially numbed tongue; nothing too exciting for the posterity to be published today, laddies.

At the place and time of operation, the dental assistants made me comfortable by placing me in a chair, putting a hairnet on me, squeezing my arm for blood pressure, and connecting me to a heart rate machine. Yes, i was completely unaffected by all that. (false! but, they did kindly give me what they dub a "happy" pill to calm the nerves.) When the dentist (who extracted my wise teeth) finally entered and prepared to render me unconscious, the assistant gave me a little of that infamous laughing gas to further ease any frowning nerves that the happy pill did not amuse. For those who may be wondering, laughing gas is gross. However, its name is appropriate. The doctor, trying to locate a vein in my arm, told me to squeeze this rubber hamburger, obviously meant for such occasions. This induced a few uncontrollable laughs and my repeating of, "squeeze the hamburger, hahahaha!" Doctor humored me with a laugh (although I was becoming ridiculous at this point) and numbed my arm and inserted some intravenous concoction that made me completely woozy. Then the doctor commenced in talking about what kind of pets I have and if I like to ski. Before I could get through telling him of my great dislike of ski moguls and how I prefer to instead call them "mongols", I was gone.

I have never had anaesthesia before today. It is a strange thing - even when you are in a deep sleep you are still able to feel the passing/duration of time, right? Not so with anaesthesia. Next thing I knew it was 45 minutes later and the two kind assistants were helping me to the "recovery chair," a nice plush recliner. This is when I noticed that I had my sweater back on - the one the first assistant asked me to remove before the surgery. They must have had a fun time putting it back on me while I was still out. What else did they do? Do I still have both my kidneys???

Good points of the momentous day:
  • Chocolate shakes afterwards with mom. Although, half of mine did dribble down my numbed out chin (clearly without my knowledge). Thanks to mom for leaning over and wiping me clean; I became 2 years old all over again
  • I began a book: Hardy's The Greenwood Tree
  • I was given the four beautiful dental specimens removed from my mouth. I think I'll make a shadow box with them, or something.

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