Friday, January 23, 2009


It's only been a few days, but the lack of sun and the abundance of rain/fog/wind/cold (thank heavens there's no snow though - *knock on wood*) in this town is bringing me down into a gray well of apathy. Pathetic yes, but it's 5 in the afternoon and I am still wearing my pajamas. Ahhh! Winter is the bane of my existence. It's cold, gray, suffocating, dark, noisy (with all those water drip sounds) and I am far too impatient for it.

Thinking of New Caledonia momentarily dispels the fog though, ah yes. And, who know's, maybe the sun will come out tomorrow. Wow. Did I just quote the musical "Annie?" See how low I have fallen?

Anyway, on a lighter, less lack-of vitaminD-induced-depression note, I have become more excited about the next two months at home. I decided not to go the slavish minimum wage way this time to earn money. I am instead attempting to utlize those skills I have learned at college (yes, my friends, it's possible). I already have two girls to tutor; one high school girl in Spanish, and a homeschooled twelve year old girl whose mother wants me to teach her French. I hope that I won't cause any lasting language defects in these girls. . . Also, an English teacher at the high school wants me to be a tutor in the AVID program at the school. I am very excited about the prospects of that job. In the end, all of this means that I'll be staying busy and thus, staying (mostly) sane.

On a medical note, four very wise parts of my mouth are going to be extracted from their home in my gums next Tuesday morning. Lovely. Maybe I'll write a post right after the event while I am still pumped full of various pharmecutical drugs. It's bound to be quite funny, and something to really treasure up for posterity; "wow, so this must be what your mother/grandmother/great-grandmother really thought of the whole Obama presidency. . ."

Well, the chaffeur (or is it chaffeuse, since I am a girl? french help, s'il vous plait!) has to go drive the musical prodigy sister to piano lessons.

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