Monday, November 17, 2008

colors and current affairs

green is such an affable color.

nothing new around these parts.
lots of school excitement with finals and what not just around the bend, which means trees are dying so that I can print up final papers and projects.
it has been a pretty satisifying semester thus far though; it gets a gold star in my memory.

oooh, thanksgiving is soon! please mom and dad, let's go to chuck-a-rama! mmmm! sometimes i do enjoy being a stereotypical american, basking in the joys of glutton and excess. and, doing so with the fam (all of them!) will be beyond good for both soul and stomach. what a lucky girl I am!

countdown! one week until I reach the landmark age of twenty and one. one year older, yet moving backwards in maturity. is this natural?? perhaps, yes.

a few pre-thanksgiving thoughts of gratitude:
  • mike and ikes. thanks goodness i have a pot of these in the english internships office. if it wasn't so I would starve at school. perhaps it would be better to starve though then allow these candy friends to slowly eat away at my insides. diabetes here i come. . .
  • - my wishing-i-could-actually-speak-french-and-spanish life becomes less and less obvious when this site is on hand.
  • unpicky culinary tastes. if i didn't have this attribute (and perhaps you could even call it attitude) all thanks to dad for those years of not being able to leave the table without finishing our mystery gulosh, I don't think I would have been able to down Gab's renditon of what he ate on his Greek mission: a lukewarm mixture of rice, tomatoes, onions, chopped up pickles, pizza seasoning, and cheese. suprisingly, it wasn't half bad.
  • the children's picture edition of the new testament in french. it makes the scriptures so much easier to comprehend! mom used to read the doctrine and covenants one to us when we were little, and now i have lapsed back to those younger days since my workings in french are still those of a five year old.
  • naps. my nap mantra: here, there, everywhere!
more to come . . .

okay amigos, will write más when i can squeeze two minutes into a one minute pair of pants.
if only. . .

hasta luego!