Monday, October 20, 2008

monday, monday

Halfway through the semester! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown so far, but I am not too nostalgic about it quite yet. I am just counting down the days (87!) until I board a plane and fly to Paris for 4 months. What a dream!

I was so excited today to see Kari and Glen's blog. What a beautiful family you both have! It made me a bit lonesome to see you all so happy together - I only wish I could be at home with everyone, but I know that I am suppose to be slaving away here in the land of academia for right now. Good thing families are forever, right? - though it does feel as though it will be forever until I graduate...


So, updates on ma vie:

School is going splendidly (despite the occasional slaving away, as alluded to above). A class that I am especially enjoying this semester is this Honors 300R writing class. We are writing articles to be put into a new writing handbook for the Freshman 150 Honors writing class, so we get what authors dream of accomplishing: published! It's a great class - I spend hours upon hours brainstorming and writing and redrafting and then doing more redrafting, yet it leaves me wanting to write more. It's funny how the more involved and knowledgeable about something you become, the more that you realize how very incapable you truly are at it! I thought I was a decent writer before this class needing some help here and there, but I have been brought to the light of my ignorance (very unblissful, by the way); I have much to learn and a long way to go. But, this is something that I am willing to keep up the good fight for.

Anyway, this week should be interesting: a few tests here and there, a dabbling of papers to be written (one for French, Spanish, and English - !!), and I have to get that ORCA grant proposal in before Friday!!

Life is full. BYU is the best. I am happy.

(Pictures will soon be installed. Be patient with me, s'il vous plait.)

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  1. Laurel! I love you! Thank you for checking out our blog! I love yours too! I'm excited to see you this winter, I know the girls will enjoy seeing you too! You sound like you're truly enjoying yourself up makes me so happy! I love you and miss you! Oh and thanks for singing "Happy Birthday" to me...what a beautiful voice you have. :)