Friday, October 31, 2008

it's been raining

- Rain Dance –

A folk dance troupe
Is Schuhplattering
On the shingles of my roof.

Their watery feet
Clap down in rhythm
To the gusts
Of the brass band wind.

The rolling beats from the old bass drum
Played by the shakily enthusiastic hands of a wizened man
Flash out in sporadic punctuations.
Each vibrating gesture
Livens the listeners anew.

They’ve been at it
All night -
Merrily polkaing in intricate circles
Sporting those green felt hats
With funny yellow feathers on the side,
Embroidered skirts,
And rosy cheeks.

Each dancer
Carries autumn tides
And dashes out
Every quixotic thought of summer
With each saturated step
And jump.

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