Friday, June 20, 2008

a new season

I could claim that I am now choosing to "blog" in the hopes of raising my pathetic typing skills from the status of 'one-fingered keyboard bandit' to 'courtroom stenographer" (which is a highly unrealistic hope), however perhaps it would be more honest to say that I attempting to use this new blogging device so that my family and far-away-friends may be able to passively stay in contact with me; they read, I type, and magically through the medium of twentieth century technology there is a connection. Connections are generally good to keep up.

So here we go, this is my life currently: Summer. Classes have ended for the spring term, somewhat to my dismay due to the fact that my average Spanish and fragile French will now have two months to significantly meander far down the unkempt and untraveled roads of my mind. However, hopefully I will have the self-disipline enough to practice, read, and listen to these languages when I can and when I choose to diverge from the mountains of literature I plan to read in English (my best, my native tounge)...

Anyway, now back to my original thought: Summer. I sincerely do not believe there is another word in the English language that can parellel in depth of meaning, memories, or good-natured feelings than the very word summer. Perhaps "mint brownies" or "world travels" or "family" conjure up similarily significant thoughts, but the word "summer" elicits its own special blend of sentiments: sun, warmth, gobs of free time, shorts!, book reading splendor, greenness, day trips, farmers markets, time to breathe and contemplate and plan and daydream.

"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language" -Henry James

James had it right. I think that, like unto Sundays, the day of rest, human beings are also richly blessed with summer, the season of rest. Well, at least for me, a season of rest for the mind from the cares of class work and papers and exams (although they do bring occasional, measured thrills and joys), even despite the fact that I will still be subjecting myself to 40 hours a week of smoothies and secretarial duties.

This summer is going to be different from those in the past though. I will not lethargically sit back and watch the time of this summer pass by without continuing to push myself to achieve things that are bigger and, hopefully, better. I have always allowed the summers of the past to be a period to plateau; to be merely some months where I would let time pass me merrily by without utilizing it in to my advantage and growth. I have come to see what a personal hinderance that attitude can be. This summer will not be a time to plateau on the path/plane of least resistance and mediocrity, but instead to proceed upward and onward from one plane to the next. That's the main reason for my staying here in Provo. Oh, how I would prefer to be home in Lake Arrowhead with its beauty, famililarness, and, of course, mi familia. However, it is here at BYU where my life, motivation, and growth continue, and where I see most clearly what I plan to make of my future and how I will arrive there.

Oh, life is indeed thrilling, n'est-ce pas?

P.S. Today is/has been the longest day of the year! Give me the splendid silent sun, with all his beams full dazzling!

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