Sunday, December 2, 2018

48/52: december 2018

 ^^ I went to the boys' preschool this week to take pictures of all the children there. we love their sweet preschool and the teachers who love and help them.

 ^^ little walk with ms. emerson on monday morning before she and her mom flew out to utah. she borrowed a pair of asher's shoes for the walk and looked cute in his sneakers.

 ^^ still loves a good swaddle

 ^^ working on a group project. a friend coordinated an effort to make a detailed sensory board for our kids and divided out all the little projects/parts that will go on the board. I've been spending a couple evenings this week working on my part. 

^^ candyland lover!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

47/52: november 2018

we spent our thanksgiving week at the outer banks ("outer banksgiving" - ha!). it was a wonderful time spent with our family and some friends.  

 ^^ spent many a morning at the nearby park getting those wiggles out. 

^^ this little lover hit 7 months old this week.

 ^^ this was one chilly walk to the sound, but the sunset down there is one of my favorite feasts for the eyes.

 ^^ went to bodie lighthouse at sunset to take pictures for the zach/kenzie/emerson family and the light was SO GOOD. the outer banks is one of my very favorite places. it is magic.

 ^^ thanksgiving duck donuts breakfast.

^^ the sweetest sleeper

 ^^ more ezra snuggles

 ^^ this is a picture hanging in the beach house, and whenever I see it, it makes me think of kristina and me when we were little. 

 ^^ the best thanksgiving dinner in memory!

 ^^ the coma afterwards

 ^^ stack'em high pancakes for breakfast!

^^ birthday cuddles and a walk in the neighborhood for me. I am so glad and grateful for the wonderful life that I have and that I get to share.

^^ simon was here.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

46/52: november 2018

^^ family hike

^^ favorite toy: wrapping paper roll

^^ simon got "lipstick" at preschool from a treasure box and was very excited.