Sunday, February 10, 2019

6/52: february 2019

 ^^ the weather this past week was incredible and summery (in the 70's most days). the boys wore shorts and short sleeves and we played at the park a lot. it was great!

^^ we made this bird outfit from a kit. simon was thrilled!

 ^^ he wore it most of the day. 

^^ phil got his phd robes in the mail and tried them on.

 ^^ with the weather being so nice, most afternoons we spent having the boys play in our cul-de-sac with other neighbor friends. one evening, two neighbors came over with guitars and phil got his out and we had an impromptu jam session at the top of our driveway. it was awesome! we are lucky to live in a good neighborhood with kind people. 

^^ we had a date night in the middle of the week with friends at "grub" and then had dessert at "mad hatters." 

^^ simon's sweet teacher sent him a valentine's day card early in the mail and it included one of his favorite things: stickers!

^^ phil went to a duke game with a friend on tuesday night. 

^^ I screenshot this photo from a friend with whom we joined at the museum this week. her little boy, theo, and asher are buds and we met up with some other friends there too. the weather was fabulous and it was great to spend a morning outside. 

^^ simon and asher went to "paint and praise" on saturday night at their preschool and phil and I went on another little date downtown. we walked around and browsed some neat stores and then stop off at rose's for a few treats to have at home. 

 ^^ on sunday, we had dinner and jammed with these friends. we came to discover a year or so ago, that we had similar music tastes/loved the bands in high school and that dave and phil knew a bunch of similar songs on the guitar. so, every now and again, we get together, put a show on for our kids, and play guitar and sing songs to our hearts content. 

^^ ezra was chill with us singing and playing songs, but we were there a bit past his bedtime and he got a little tired...

Sunday, February 3, 2019

5/52: february 2019

 ^^ a lot of ezra pictures this week (every week??). I've had to do a bit of work to do this week, so he'd sit near the desk and play with little cords and credit cards and bottles and capped pens like a champ. he still just mostly sits and looks sweet and doesn't talk back, so he's getting a lot of camera time. also, we had his nine month appointment this week.

 ^^ rolling down the hill on the trikes. also, note our expired dishwasher hanging out on the side there, ready to be picked up. we got a new one this past week and it *actually* works. praise. 

 ^^ and then we have these two big boys who like to play and run around and go around the neighborhood on their tricycles. they are german pancake loving, cat in the hat obsessed, pillow pit frenzized, adorable tyrants who are so fun and so crazy.  

^^ this was "q" week at school for simon and his class made quails one day. well, if you know this kid, you can imagine his excitement. this is the boy who brings his 3 year old stuffed-animal quail to show-and-tell EVERY WEEK. one of his teachers sent me these two photos to show us how much he enjoyed making these paper quails. just imagine simon, in that first picture, cooing "oooh quail, I love you!" because I'm about 99% sure that's what he was saying.

^^ also, another picture from his teacher. I love that simon loves "little critter" books. those were some of my favorites growing up. 

^^ one of my sweet laurels graduated this week. she has overcome a lot of challenges to get her diploma and a group of us from church attended the ceremony. we were proud. 

 ^^ sunday "snuggles" in bed with everyone. I never dreamed that I'd share my bed with 4 boys, but it's a pretty good thing (in moderation). 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

4/52: january 2019

^^ came across this picture of my mom (middle) with her sister (right) and her aunt and uncle and cousin. I love seeing family resemblances.

 ^^ waiting at preschool

 ^^ catching the sunlight

 ^^ asher and theo at the museum. love these little friends. 

 ^^ 9 months with this sweet boy!

 ^^ phil defended his phd dissertation on friday and passed. he completed the few revisions given to him, walked his paperwork to the graduate office, and is now officially done. 

^^ date night!

 ^^ at rock n' roll sushi 

 ^^ with these wonderful people!

^^ baby shower for LAURIE