Sunday, January 13, 2019

2/52: january 2019

 ^^ the look of "don't take my picture, mom."

 ^^ looking so dapper for church

^^ sunday raclette dinner with friends. so much cheese!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

2/52: january 2019

on saturday we went to the american tobacco trail to enjoy the beautiful weather that we've been having out here.

 ^^ looks like someone is in awe of the sun (?)
 ^^ racing down the path

 ^^ the nicest baby burrito

 we spent the majority of the week visiting family and friends in richmond, va.

 ^^ at the VMFA one morning with the kids

^^ the art deco exhibit was very cool!
 ^^ this simon exhibit was pretty neat too ;)

 ^^ lunch at "en su boca" after. delicious! 

^^ phil made pizza for our nye festivies

 ^^ at 8pm, we had a countdown to "midnight" celebration of the new year and drank martinelli's with the kids.

^^ we spent two wonderful days with the kenzie/zach/emerson family while in richmond. one evening, we had a girls' night at the nearby mall and explored anthro (picture above) and ate at the cheesecake factory. it was great to be with them! 

 ^^ building robots and mansions!

^^ asher had his first day in primary on sunday! he's growing up though still as rambunctious and on-the-go as ever. his class is made up of 5 little boys, and I made sure to tell his teachers a "thank you" in advance for teaching and loving and corralling all of them. 

 ^^ walking hand-in-hand into primary. simon was excited to go with asher.

^^ napping in sunday school 

^^ we made a goal this year to eat vegetarian 5 days a week and to incorporate more vegetables into our meals. phil made this kale salad with apples and cheddar that tasted...amazing! though admittedly, he said that the kale was the worst part of it.

^^ I put together this (huge) shirt quilt this weekend. the shirt squares were cut out years ago (like, 3 years ago!) and wasting away. it feels good to have them all finally put together. also, two words: spray basting. that made the quilting process SO much faster.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

52/52: december 2018

 ^^ christmas jammies triplets! we spent christmas day at papa and grandma's house in utah before flying home to north carolina that afternoon.

 ^^ enjoying a walk and trying out christmas presents.  

 ^^ christmas eve horchata at "el gallo giro"

 ^^ christmas morning scripture reading

^^ flyin'!  thankfully, our flights went smoothly and our little passengers were calm (for the most part).

^^ "gray house christmas eve" = december 26th at home.

^^ we traveled to virginia on sunday and hit 100,000 in our little blue car.