Sunday, October 14, 2018

41/52: october 2018

we spent the better part of our week in asheville, north carolina. phil had an academic conference out there and presented a poster. we tagged along and stayed in a hotel downtown. it was great to explore the city a bit and enjoy the sights and the area's plethora of good food. 

one highlight of our visit for me was the day spent at the biltmore estate. we came out a day early so I could go. phil watched the two older boys, and I took the baby with me. it was beautiful and soul-filling. in the afternoon, I went back by myself for a few hours and went through the house again (more quickly this time -- it is the 2nd largest house in the world!) and soaked in the immaculate gardens.

^^ the loggia was perhaps my favorite area of the whole house. it faces out to the rolling, green hills.

^^ "the chariot of aurora" in the library!

^^ hair goals

^^ indoor swimming pool

^^ there were a lot of chihuly garden installations, and they were beautiful!

we had a beautiful view over asheville from our hotel:

  ^^ delicious ice cream sandwiches from sunshine sammies.

^^ best poolside bod

^^ pizza from manicomio's that we ate on the hotel bed at 10pm. delightful!

^^ asheville museum of science

^^ how we rolled around town. 

^^ mamacita's taco temple take-out on the hotel bed

^^ that goober face!
^^hendersonville children's museum.

we came home from asheville on saturday morning, and that night we attended a duke performance concert at the baldwin theater. it was a whirlwind week!